New Ad for HTC: Coming Live

The most famous companies in the world of mobile devices continue to shine preparing ground in MWC 2013, and given that no one wants to be left behind in terms of news from smartphones and tablets with Android is, the smallest ad is exploited to maximum to perform properly.

And in this case it’s up to HTC giving some information (which we found via Android Community), even though the announcement is captivating, leaves much to the imagination by the limited information provided.

HTC logo 540x30011 New Ad for HTC: Coming Live

This is a simple way of ad image where you can see a heart on a circuit board and the simple phrase “Live Coming” (Soon English Alive!) That adorns the image of an intriguing way. It becomes very difficult to know exactly to what the announcement would be, but speculation has already begun.

The first suggests a software for our smartphone or tablet with Android that will make us look that is truly alive, and this can be deduced from the way in which the heart pumped blood is mixed with the circuits of the table.

htc New Ad for HTC: Coming Live

Others speculate that it is the revelamiento the M7, the smartphone that HTC has both promoted and that seems to want to shine with all the radiance that a high-end smartphone that can be achieved.

While there is nothing clear about the ad, chances are you know most anticipated event in the February 19, in which not only reveal the M7 to the world, but podrís have some surprises.

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