How To Install IPA files Kuaiyong On Your iPhone, iPad (Video Tutorial)

Hello friends, I apologize to everyone for the delay but here I’ll let a small step for them to install files IPA with kuaiyong.

I commented that I’m still working on it, because it was that the program achieves kuaiyong install applications IPA we have in the library of iTunes, but the point where I’m working is to kuaiyong allows us to install applications IPA that are cracked such as downloaded from Install0us or page that is the web that holds Install0us to download the app.

What you need to know for now that this form we will install IPA that are downloaded directly from iTunes and not cracked, whether paid or free but not cracked, we must know that what differentiates an app from iTunes (IPA) to one kuaiyong app is a file that is within the application this file is called “bppinfo” and is where information leads to kuaiyong we recognize the app in its corresponding format.

iphoneipafiles How To Install IPA files Kuaiyong On Your iPhone, iPad (Video Tutorial)

So if we take an app IPA library of iTunes and modified by adding after the name. IPA one. zip, staying this let us remove the app in a folder and add the file so you bppinfo to To purchase this file bppinfo, we must open some app that we downloaded with kuaiyong and open with winrar and extract the bppinfo, after editing the file bppinfo so they stay with the corresponding name of the app, then we compress into ZIP files for us to stay a where he re will name the. zip and add the . bpp marrow was well xxx.ipa.bpp and apply a double click it will open kuaiyong and give us the message that the app to be added to the download library, after that proceed to install like any other app giving click at the end of the name and we install in our iDevice.

If you do not clear them to leave a video review the procedure, and for users who have commented that by occupying kuaiyong generator have been problems with iTunes, the most practical solution is to use iTools or iFunbox as these will not give us problems by the app that are on the device and can sync without problems.

Recommendation to edit bppinfo occupy Notepad + + file that will give us a more orderly.

Downloads required:

Notepad + +

Video tutorial:

I hope to soon have the solution and just have, you know where to find it.

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