How to Install Installous on iOS 6 Applications (Video Tutorial)

Devices with the A4 chip, which the Jailbreak is applicable, can download and install Installous from Cydia, which allows you to download an unlimited number of paid applications on the free way and then to install them, but with the arrival of iOS 6 our iDevice ceased to have a Untethered Jailbreak and happened to have a Tethered Jailbreak, which leaves us dependent on a computer to start the device and everything works, it gives us conclude that this store “pirate” so to speak, for us problems when installing applications downs (no computers that this error is not generated, it is the importance of download Installlous the official repo), which is why we will give some solutions to complicate and can not install few applications downloaded.

For this we need to have our device with Jailbreak , have the USB cable and a PC, we add the program called iTools, this tool is a derivative of iTunes, but with many more features for devices with Jailbreak refers as, has the option to enter the file system, exactly as if we were doing with Win SCP eg, iTools is very fast and easy to handle, in conclusion is very good application if you do not have iTunes.

installous ios6 How to Install Installous on iOS 6 Applications (Video Tutorial)

Then downloaded applications with Installous on our device, then connect it to your PC, run iTools, and go to the File System section, enter the root system and go to the following address, var / mobile / Documents / Installous/Download/–> is here where we find our apps downloaded with Installous, copy them to your PC and then we go to iTools section Bookseller -> Applications and this is where we will see the entire library of applications iTunes, then we give the first button above which says “add” (add) and look for the file you copied to your PC, once added to our library application is simply to give the button that appears at the end of the name applied to achieve the installation, we expect to complete the installation process (at the bottom of iTools bar appears with the installation progress), and voila, we bajadass applications installed with Installous.

I leave you a video where I show the process if they do not stay very clear.

If you do not know where to download Installous I leave the repo:

From this page you can download iTools :

PS: there are cases where Installous not generate this error with iOS 6, but if it gives you know how to install applications.

We do not encourage piracy but there are times when it is best to test a payment application for later purchase from the App Store.

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